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Yet Another Release

So just some quick updates I’ve pushed out an updated version of MAL For Android 2 with the help of BobDawg. Seriously, BobDawg thanks for the help. There are two things to notice. First it’s blue. Yha, I know it was blue before. Now it’s really blue and I kinda like it. While I was in tweaking the layouts and themes I also took the opportunity to fix some known gpu overdraw so it should run just a bit smoother on crappy or not so crappy hardware.

I also made due on my promise to put a donate button on the app. It’s there in the overflow menu. Use it if you wish or don’t as the case may be. I vow never to make it mandatory however it is a nice way to let me know you like it. Surprisingly it was one of the nicer APIs I’ve worked with lately. I remember the first version of the IAP it was … not good.

Also I’d like to respond to a little bit of feedback posted on the Play Store. I would normally respond directly via the store but seeing as this person must have read the blog at some point I think it’s fair that I can respond here.

Stop Lie!	Firstly, i appreciate for creating this app, its nice thanks. 
Now, the most important part is, why do you LIE TO US??? The host is not your.
This host uses the MAL Client app Atarashi! Too, so atarashi stopped working 
for me, only manga covers showed up without any info and anime list was not 
showable. Tried this but same happened, you said it was your webhost, that 
you paid for this webhost to host the API, you said to us to donate for the 
cost of webhost domain etc? Are you kidding with me? You big lier!!

Sir I’m sorry you feel this way but I must point out I do indeed use a differing host then Atarashi. You can plainly see it if you examine the code in my I list a host at where as Atarashi’s clearly states as the host. I am quite familiar with their code and have even contributed to it myself. I find their UI very attractive and respect their work very much. I chose to continue with my own project for personal reasons. As such I would not piggy back on their server instance.

That being said the issues you and others have experienced are real. The reason why Atarashi and MFA2 are affected together is do to the fact that we both share a single point of failure. That point is itself. Our API servers are considered low priority traffic and as such we are the first to be dropped when the site is under heavy load. I am looking into ways to rectify this issue but as yet I’ve not found any that don’t involve an extensive addition to the API code. I HATE ruby so thats not a priority for me.

In any case thats where we are at. Looking forward I’m thinking about stripping out Guice and roboguice as I’m noticing slow starts on my Moto X. I’ve been playing with Dagger on the side and it can smooth out the loading issues. So hopefully you see another update soon.